Before you ask, yes we’ve read your mind. As you were browsing through our website you thought, “Selling really, really good coffee and investing 20% of sales in career development education for refugees is great, but I wish there was a ten reasons list to close the deal.” We’ve heard you and we’ve prepared that very list on why you need a bag or box of HireChance coffee in your life.

1. It’s Coffee With Impact

Yep, “Drink Coffee. Help Refugees” is really a thing for us. That 20% of what you pay is going right into the projects we’re implementing, such as our current ‘Korean for Refugees’ program. The great thing is that as we sell more coffee, we generate more impact. So, the more coffee you drink, the more support you can give to career development education for refugees.

2. Our Coffee is Traceable

If we’re trying to sell ‘Coffee With Impact’, it should be impact across the board, right? Coffee from HireChance is totally traceable — from the place of origin to the name of the farmer that skillfully harvested the beans. Transparency is really important for us and giving farmers credit for their work helps you be a conscious coffee consumer and us support their sustainability.

3. We’re All About Sustainability

Sustainability in the coffee industry is serious business. We believe that direct trade is one of the best ways to support the farmers that grow our coffee. After all, they are the core of the coffee industry. That is why building direct relationships with them through our origin trips, learning deeply about their harvesting practices, and making sure that they are being paid premium prices for their premium quality beans are crucial to their economic sustainability.

"Direct trade is one of the best ways to support the farmers that grow our coffee"

"Direct trade is one of the best ways to support the farmers that grow our coffee"

4. It’s Specialty Grade Coffee

If we go to the trouble of making sure our coffee is traceable and sustainable, it better be good quality, right? According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), specialty coffees are those graded 80 points and above on a 100 point scale. Our delicious Esperanza line is a Castillo varietal from Quindío with a score of 85.75!

5. Supports Small Businesses

When you buy our coffee, you’re not just making impact on career development education for refugees, but also supporting our operations, roasters, and farmers. Small businesses are invested in the wellbeing of their community and its future, and helping us grow reverberates within HireChance and extends out to our partners.

6. Unlocks Potential of Refugees

Refugees didn’t choose to leave behind their communities and homes. Persecution, conflict, violence, human rights violations, or climate change made that choice for them. We believe that refugees have huge potential that should be unlocked and we are doing our part by providing career development education. When you buy our coffee, you are helping us do more.

"When you buy our coffee, you are helping us do more."

"When you buy our coffee, you are helping us do more."

7. Saves the Economy

Refugees are good for economies. Studies show that over time, they contribute more than take. Supporting career development education of refugees helps speed up their integration into productive society, providing a win-win situation for refugees and economies. Buying our coffee helps us make more programs in the areas of language and tech.

8. Supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We are trying our best to be led by as many of the SDGs as possible, but we’re intensively focusing on Goal 4 – Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, and Goal 8 – Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. Buying our coffee gets us closer to contributing to the achievement of the SDGs.

9. Helps #WorkFromHome in Style

As we’re in the era of work from home, why not complement it with great coffee? Dust off or upgrade your coffee setup and match our coffee with your brewing style to recreate your local barista’s fare. New to brewing coffee at home? Our single serve drip bags will keep you satisfied while you studying up on the intricate art of coffee.

"Our single serve drip bags will keep you satisfied"

"Our single serve drip bags will keep you satisfied"

10. It’s Really Delicious Coffee

It’s no accident that our coffee is delicious. We’ve went to great lengths to make sure that the coffee we provide is a positive sensory experience. From selecting beans from the farm to the care of our roaster in finding the optimal roasting point, we’ve went through a meticulous process to bring this coffee to life. In fact, before launching we served over 30,000 cups through pilot testing – with overwhelmingly positive feedback!

So, there you have it. Have we convinced you to support HireChance yet? Why not check out our coffee offerings below and learn more about them.