Direct trade is becoming one of the key business models in the industry.

It is no secret that the volatility of the coffee prices, climate change, and unfair corporate practices negatively affect the sustainability of the more than 25 million coffee growers around the world, many of them already living in poverty or extreme poverty. Therefore, sustainability in the coffee supply chain is more crucial than ever. Direct trade is becoming one of the key business models in the industry that ensures that coffee farmers are paid fair prices for their crops by establishing direct commercial relations with each and every grower. These relations go beyond the commercial, as direct trade involves visiting farmers; getting to know their stories, working conditions, farming practices, and needs; learning first-hand how fairer prices positively impact the livelihood of them, their families, and the quality of their future crops. Direct trade goes hand in hand with economic empowerment of the coffee growers.

"The speciality coffee market is expected to reach a value of $83 Billion USD by 2025"

— Adroit Market Research

HireChance is committed to the great coffee harvesters that make sourcing our specialty coffee a possibility.

Through our origin trips to Colombia, we have experienced first-hand the personal stories and the amount of work, dedication, and love that harvesters put into each and every single one of their coffee trees. We honor their hard work through building direct relationships with them and making sure that that they have above average working conditions, wages, and that their specialty-grade coffee is sold above market prices.

We can't and won't do this alone.

We are partnering with some of the best coffee roasters in our first target markets –South Korea and the United States- to bring our customers the best variety and quality specialty coffee to their doorstep. We are currently sourcing our coffee from Quindío, Colombia, through our great partner roaster Let’s Coffee based in the city of Daegu.