Ties within the community is at the center of what HireChance represents.

We wouldn’t be able to have an extensive, impactful reach if it weren’t for the collaborative partnerships we are building with the great nonprofits, startups, companies, and international organizations working directly with forcibly displaced communities around the world. Tapping into their subject matter expertise on the opportunities and challenges that these communities face every day, these collaborative partnerships allow us to gain a deeper understanding of the asylum-seeker, refugee, and IDP experience.

HireChance is proud to count on International Rescue Committee -San José, California office-, Humans In The Loop – based Bulgaria-, and Amala Education – based in England- as our first community partners.
Through them and our future community partners, we will select the candidates that will be part of our online education scholarships through our education partners. Working closely with our community partners on this matter will guarantee that scholarships will be filled by those who are excited, willing, and driven to take their skills to the next level, and create a fulfilling life full of hope, opportunities, and economic self sufficiency.